JM Villegas International LLC


JM Villegas was originally established in Mexico City in 1984 as a distributor of Store Fixtures, Merchandising and Display Equipment.

 The objective at the time, as well as today, is to supply and suffice all of our clients needs with our innovative retail products, ideas and solutions.

 In 1995 we began to specialize in manufacturing Produce Displays for Fruits & Vegetables by creating a design that visually enhanced the product and met not only sanitation requirements, but also our customer’s expectations.

 Today, our company’s manufacturing production exceeds our projection and the involvement within the produce industry has given us the knowledge to understand and satisfy the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Experience has provided us with the opportunity to study the industry at a worldwide level, specifically in USA, Europe and Asia; hence, we have been able to continuously improve our design throughout the years, and nowadays, we are able to offer cutting-edge/innovative, sustainable and easy to assemble display solutions.

 Since 2007 JM Villegas International LLC was established in Texas, USA to stage our brand name and products on an international arena.

 To learn more about JM Villegas International LLC and the retail produce displays we offer, call us today at 1·877·267·2858 or e-mail us to contact@producedisplay.net.



 To nurture the growth of JM Villegas International as a manufacturer and distributor of retail solutions for specialized products.



 We endeavor to be known as leaders of innovative retail fixtures and display solutions in an international market.